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Victory Life Christian Center is a ministry with the purpose of teaching God’s people to bring their lives from Vision to Victory based off the Word of God. Our message is defined; a word of hope and salvation to lost humanity, a word of victory and destiny to the Church and a declared word of defeat and devastation to the forces of the devil. We believe that God has given everybody a vision for their life and every leader a vision for their ministry, but sometimes we don’t know where to start because there is so much we THINK is against us, so we sit in a complacent place never doing anything to start, or we start and let discouragement get in the way on our way. God has called Victory Family Worship Center. to teach God’s people how to make it from the beginning, through the hard times and accomplish what He has set out for them to do in their lives and/or ministry.


God has graced this ministry with a tremendous mantle of victory and an apostolic message, declaring that God’s people should always walk in OVERWHELMING VICTORY no matter where they find themselves. There is always a refreshing right now word from God to deliver to His people. The word of God is taught with such simplicity and practical principles that will cause in some cases, immediate change and others gradual change. The word is just not taught, but attention is brought to the eyes of God’s people to recognize the change, whether it is immediate or gradual. We believe that once God’s word is applied to their lives, they shall see signs and wonders. With this anointing, people are saved, delivered and healed in the glorious presence of God.

Victory Life Christian Center

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