We know that it is not an easy thing to visit a new church: you go to a strange new building and meet strange new people who sometimes have strange new ways of doing church.  Sometimes the whole experience can be overwhelming.  We know.  We've been there. We know you've got questions. Hopefully this page can help to make your first visit with us more relaxing and enjoyable!




There is no required "dress code" at Victory Life Christian Center.  Most people dress comfortably - "office casual" or just casual - some even wear jeans!  We're more concerned with meeting your real-life needs than with what you wear.




There is ample parking available on-site.  We have a paved lot with clearly marked parking spaces.




When you walk through our doors, you will be greeted with a smile by one of our members, who will offer you a church bulletin. This host will also be able to answer any questions you might have. When you enter the main worship area, you'll be able to seat yourself wherever you are most comfortable. Expect to meet several friendly people before and after the worship service.  View our photographs to get an idea of what the church looks like on the inside.




You are our guest, and we never want to embarrass you in any way. You will not be singled out or asked to raise your hand. We will offer you a guest packet, which explains who we are. The bulletin that you'll receive also includes a Calvary Connection Card for you to give us your name and contact information, which allows us to show our appreciation to you for our visit. (We never give out or sell your information to anybody for any other reason.) You can place that in the offering plate. Just sit back, relax, and get ready!




One thing you should expect is a personal, uplifting worship experience. Our services are geared for participation. We typically worship just as we live: with enthusiasm!




Worship is very important to us at Victory Life Christian Center. This is a time when we celebrate the goodness of God, and express His great worth to us. Our style is very contemporary. Some songs are energetic and upbeat, while some are prayerful and contemplative. All the lyrics are displayed on a screen at the front of the church - there are no hymnals. People are asked to stand during this time, but many who can't stand the entire time are welcome to sit down as they see fit. We encourage everyone to worship God the way the Bible teaches us to, so most of us clap our hands, many shout for joy and raise our hands; sometimes we jump, dance, kneel, or bow down. We just desire for everyone to worship God in a way that is both real and extravagant in response to God's real and extravagant love for us - so we do also respect each individual's personal expression to Him. So join in or sit back and enjoy. Either way, we hope you open your heart to experience the power and love of Jesus Christ!




Prayer is just talking to God, and we do it a lot at Victory Life Christian Center. Sometimes people mention specific needs that we may pray for as a group. Sometimes we'll pray in small groups, or the congregation may pray together. All may pray aloud but conclude with a single voice, the pastor, worship leader, or other designated person praying in behalf of all. Often, there is a special time set aside where people may come to the front of the church to pray for a healing. They are anointed with oil (James 5:13-16) and believers place their hands on them and pray (Mark 16:18).



We live according to Scripture in all things, including worship. Gifts of the Spirit are encouraged at Victory Life Christian Center, as the Bible teaches that they help to build us up in Christ. Spiritual gifts are found throughout Scripture, but specific teaching is found in 1 Corinthians 12 & 14. There is absolutely no indication in the Bible that these gifts are no longer for the Church today.



During the service we'll have a time for people to contribute financially to the church. All of our "regulars" know that we believe this is an important part of our commitment to Jesus. We do not expect our guests to

give any money, nor do we ask them to give anything - but you certainly may contribute if you want to. But please do place your completed Calvary Connection Card in the offering plate.



The Bible has a lot of truth that can be used in our lives today!  Bishop White brings an encouraging message from God's Word that inspires us to live our lives to our maximum potential. The message is relevant to where you are - we know where you live, because we live there too!  A personal challenge is always made for each person to be more like Jesus. This challenge may lead to an invitation for people to come to the front of the church to pray. We've seen God do incredible things in our lives during these times!



Of course, serving God is a 24-7 deal, and there's always something going on at Victory Life Christian Center!  For instance, you're always welcome to be a part of our Wednesday Family Night, which includes age-appropriate Bible teaching for all ages!  You can find out more about us and our ministries by checking out the rest of this website or contacting us at your convenience.  But please come and check VLCC out for yourself!  We're real people living real lives, and as much as we try to explain things to you with this website, the best way to get questions answered is to experience it for yourself!

Victory Life Christian Center

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